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New Master Launch Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Expanding Design’ marks the launch of a new Master course in Industrial Design at the Zurich University of Art. Join us for the exhibition opening with drinks on Friday 1st December from 5 PM – 9 PM in the Aktionsraum at ZHdK Toni-Areal.

Master Industrial Design

Designers are often taught to frame every issue, no matter how complex, as a problem to be solved. By now it is pretty clear that the solutionist thinking of the last century is falling short to address current challenges caused by the lack of alternative social and ecological narratives. So what is the role of Industrial Design and how should design education reflect the shifting requirements of the design practice?

‘Expanding Design’ shows projects by influential creative practitioners and educators whose approach manages to straddle the imaginative and tangible potential of design. The exhibition sets a stage for students as well as professionals and acts as a point of departure for a new Master Industrial Design.

With Hisato Ogata (Takram), Robin Hoske and Felix Rasehorn (WINT Design Lab), Benedikt Groß (Moovel Lab), Johanna Schmeer, Fiona Raby and Anthony Dunne (Dunne & Raby)

Exhibition opening with drinks
Fri 1 Dec, 5 PM – 9 PM
In order for us to know how many drinks we should keep cool, we are grateful for a registration by e-mail to
Spontaneous visits are always possible, even without a registration.

2 – 5 Dec 2023, 10 AM – 6 PM

Designer talk by WINT Design Lab
Tue 5 Dec 2023, 5 PM – 7 PM

Aktionsraum 5.K06 / Kaskadenhalle
Toni-Areal, ZHdK

More information about the Master Industrial Design and how to apply can be found on

New Master Launch Exhibition